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GameThread: Phillies @ Blue Jays

Tolleson diving at a ball.
Tolleson diving at a ball.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays host their spring neighbors the Phillies today.

The Jays are running out what might be pretty close to their opening day lineup. Edwin is back, yay. And Aaron Sanchez get the start. I'd imagine they would like him to go 5-6 innings.

The game isn't on, which is really too bad. It is amazing home much has changed in the few years I've been on this site. When I start, no one was interested in spring games or 'fake games'. You might get to see one or two of them on TV but no one really cared. Now, we'd like to see all the games. We want first hand views of a pitcher's stuff. We want to see how guys are swinging the bat. We are smart enough not to read anything into the player's stats, but we like to be our own scouts.

I hear the radio guys tell me that Justin Smoak has made an adjustment to his swing, I want to see it. Not that I don't trust the radio guys....but their view is clouded by the personality of the player. It is impossible not to be swayed by wanting to cheer for a nice guy. When you hear Siddall and Wilner talking about how Thole needs to be on the team to catch Dickey, you do wonder if it is just because he's a friend and you always want the best for your friends.

Anyway, today's lineup:


Reyes, SS Hernandez, 3B
Martin, C Sizemore, LF
Bautista, RF Utley, 2B
Encarnacion, DH Howard, DH
Donaldson, 3B Ruiz, C
Valencia, 1B Asche, 3B
Pillar, RF Ruf, 1B
Travis, 2B Francoeur, RF
Pompey, CF Danks, CF
Sanchez, P Hamels, P

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