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GameThread: Braves @ Blue Jays and Blue Jays @ Pirates

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

So it is a split squad day. The A team is playing the Braves and is on TV, the B squad travels to play the Pirates, with no cameras or microphones anywhere near them.

Marco Estrado gets the start for the 'on TV' squad. Randy Wolf pitches in the dark.

And we should get another look at rookie reliever Roberto Osuna. I still totally hate that he's going north with the team, but, on the flip side, I'm going to enjoy watching him.

The bullpen seems to be coming into focus, and there is no one that would have guessed the way it turned out. I hate that the team makes roster choices based on half a dozen spring inning but that's the team I'm cursed with.

On the flip side, I think the idea of forgetting about inning limits and instead dealing with each player separately, watching their fatigue and giving them a rest when needed is better.

The A lineup:

The B lineup up:

I wonder how Navarro feels about traveling with the B squad?

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