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Monday Blue Jays roster moves: Santiago released

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays made a few roster moves today.

  • Ramon Santigo was released. If he was kept beyond today the Jays would owe home $100,000 (which does seem like a fair price for a broken collarbone). It is possible that he'll be back when he has recovered from the injury.
  • Daric Barton was sent to the Triple-A camp. That makes it very likely that Justin Smoak will make the team.
  • Gibby hinted that the Jays might start the season with an 8-man bullpen (please no).
  • He also said that they won't be carrying 3 catchers, which, to me, means that Russell will be allowed to catch Dickey, or that Navarro will be traded.

Tonight's lineup

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