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GameThread: Blue Jays at Astros

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

We are getting closer to the end of spring training. One week from today the Blue Jays start the season in New York against the Yankees.

Tonight's game isn't on TV, which is just as well because the Jays fielding their not ready for prime time lineup. Not many regulars got on the bus today to go to Osceola County Stadium to face the Astros. I would like to get the chance to watch Norris make what should be his last spring start.

The Astros have a number of former Jays prospects in their lineup.


Berti, 2B Altuve, 2B
Navarro, C Springer, RF
Valencia, 3B Gattis, LF
Viciedo, DH Carter, 1B
Colabello, RF Lowrie, SS
Gindl, CF Castro, C
Smoak, 1B Grossman, DH
Kawasaki, SS Villar, 3B
Goins, LF Marisnick, CF

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