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Reviewing the 2014 Bluebird Banter Top Prospect List

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I thought it would be interesting to look at what happened to the guys that were on last year's Bluebird Banter 40-man prospect list. Well, likely it is only interesting to me, but since I'm doing it, I'm going to share it with you. I also think it would be interesting to look at a list from 5 years ago and see what happened to the players on that list, so we'll do that later this week.

So this is what happened to the 40 guys that were on our list.

Graduated (3):

1.Marcus Stroman. If only one right, last year, this was the one.

20. Kevin Pillar. Pillar might be considered graduated, but I still think of him as a prospect, mostly because I don't think we've seen what he will do in the majors yet. I don't think we know yet if he is going to be able to hit for a high enough average to make up for his relative lack of power (for a corner outfielder) and his unwillingness to take enough walks to have a high OBP.

23. Ryan Goins. I think we know what he is, a great glove, who doesn't hit enough to carry the glove.

In the exact same spot:

2. Aaron Sanchez. Next year he'll graduate off the list.

Moved up:

Daniel Norris up 2 spots from 3 to 1. You could make a case that any of the top 3 on this year's list should be the number 1 guy.

Jairo Labourt up 1 spot from 10 to 9.

Roberto Osuna up 1 spot from 11 to 10.

Dwight Smith up 10 spots from 17 to 7 (this was after jumping from 27 to 17 from the year before). Unfortunately he can't move up 10 spots again next year.

Matt Smoral up 7 spots from 18 to 11. After a 7.01 ERA in his first pro season (in just 25 innings, so he can be forgiven) he had a 3.19 ERA in 53 innings this year, so he gets to move up a bunch of spots.

Dalton Pompey up 18 spots from 21 to 3. Yeah, we had him too low last year. In our defense, he had an amazing year in 2014.

Matt Boyd up 9 spots from 24 to 15. After pitching just 24 innings in 2013, Matt pitched 133 last year and struck out 147 batters, so he jumps up.

Clinton Hollon up 4 spots from 27 to 23. Without throwing a ball, he moves up 4 spots, which mostly shows how arbitrary the spots from about 20 to 30 are.

Richard Urena up 16 spots from 28 to 12. Had a really good year, for the second year in a row. With Barreto gone, he becomes our best SS prospect.

Rowdy Tellez up 10 spots from 29 to 19.

Miguel Castro up 22 spots from 30 to 8. The biggest mover, had a terrific year and had Alex talking about him as having a shot at making the bullpen this year. That will move you up the list.

Moved down:

Alberto Tirado down 12 spots from 4 to 16. Jumping from a 1.68 ERA in Bluefield, in 2013 to a 5.00 ERA in Vancouver and Lansing, in 2014 will cost you some spots. I think he'll move up again.

Mitch Nay down 7 spots from 6 to 13. Didn't show the power he had in 2013, so dropped.

D.J. Davis down 25 spots from 8 to 33. Hit just .213/.268/.316 and struck out 167 times. Also was caught stealing 20 times, while being successful 19 times. He is young and could move up the list again.

A.J. Jimenez down 8 spots from 9 to 17.

Chase DeJong down 17 spots from 12 to 29. ERA jumped from 3.05 in 2013 to 4.82 in 2014.

Dawel Lugo down 8 spots from 13 to 21. He was just 19 playing in Lansing, very young for his level, but didn't hit at all.

Andy Burns down 11 spots from 14 to 25.

John Stilson down 13 spots from 15 to 28. Missed a lot of 2014 with injuries.

Tom Robson down 20 spots from 19 to 39. Had Tommy John surgery in June.

Adonys Cardona down 9 spots from 25 to 34. Broke his elbow, lots of stuff, hasn't used it effectively yet.

Matt Dean down 11 spots from 26 to 37. After hitting .338/.390/.519 in Bluefield, in 2013, he hit .281/.332/.429  in Lansing last year.


5. Franklin Barreto.

7. Sean Nolin. Both Nolin and Barreto went to Oakland with Brett Lawrie and Kendall Graveman.

22. Santiago Nessy. Traded to the Royals for Liam Hendricks.

34. Deck McGuire. Traded to Oakland for cash.

Fell off the list:

16. L.B. Dantzler. Didn't show the power we expected.

31. Jeremy Gabryszwski. ERA jumped from 2.82 to 4.34.

32. Gabriel Cena. Hitting .221/.294/.282 will drop you off the list.

33. Shane Dawson.

35. Yeyfry del Rosario.

36. Christian Lopes.

37. Dickie Thon.

39. Brady Dragmire.

40. Emilio Guerrero.

Aged off the List:

38. Rob Rasmussen. Lost his spot on the list when we decided to limit out list to guys who will be under 26 this year.

Added to the list:

4. Jeff Hoffman. Drafted this year.

5. Max Pentecost. Drafted this year.

6. Devon Travis. Picked up in trade for Anthony Gose.

14. Seam Reid-Foley. Drafted this year.

18. Ryan Borucki. Allowed just 39 hits and 9 walks in 57 innings, after not pitching in 2013.

20. Angel Perdomo. Had a 2.54 ERA, and 57 strikeouts in 46 innings in the Gulf Coast League.

22. Taylor Cole. Struck out 171 batters in 132 innings in Dunedin.

24. Anthony Alford. Choose to play baseball full time.

26. Dan Jansen. Did a nice job catching in Bluefield.

27. Lane Thomas. Drafted this year.

31. Ryan McBroom. Drafted this year.

32. Chad Girodo.

35. Evan Smith.

36. Nick Wells. Drafted this year.

38. Grayson Huffman. Drafted this year.

40. Chase Mallard. Drafted this year.

If you missed out on our top prospect list, here are the links for this year and last.

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