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Thursday Bantering: Closer thoughts

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Gregor Chisholm writes that the Blue Jays might go with either a shared closer role (with Brett Cecil and Aaron Sanchez sharing the job) or full out bullpen by committee.

I do get the feeling that the team has already decided that Sanchez will be in the bullpen. I might be wrong but I think they are hoping that Daniel Norris looks good this spring, so that they can put Sanchez in the pen without worry. In the story John Gibbons mentioned how that Sanchez can go more than an inning and that Cecil is pretty much a one inning guy. Gibby tries not to use a reliever two days in a role, so since we are going to have save opportunities almost every game (yeah, we'll have some blow out wins too), having a sharing the closer role make sense. Gibby had the fewest times of using a reliever two days in a row last season.

It seems like Gibby is conflicted on the issue:

During various parts of his media availability Wednesday, manager John Gibbons dismissed the notion of a bullpen-by-committee approach but also talked about the benefits of not having one defined guy in the role.

I like the idea of using the whoever you feel is best for the moment. I also hate the idea of holding back your best reliever for a moment that might not happen.

People often say that relievers like a defined role. I'm not sure that's really true. I know closers say they like a defined role, but then they like racking up the save numbers so they can use the stat in salary negotiations. I'm pretty sure no longman has ever said 'I like defined roles in the bullpen', they would like the chance to show they can handle a more important role in the bullpen.

And then, often the same people, say that closer by committee doesn't work. They'll point out times when the team using closer by committee didn't win the World Series, not realizing that 29 teams don't win every year. Lots of teams with bullpens with defined roles don't win either. People that knocked Moneyball kept saying that Billy Beane's teams haven't won the World Series, but then lots of teams don't win each year.

Other Links:

Espn has a long story on Daniel Norris and his camper. How many of these stories has there been this spring?

FanGraphs' Craig Edwards writes about 'Expected Payroll for MLB Teams'. He says the Blue Jays payroll is the most above expected in the league over the past five seasons, which, by his method doesn't surprise me. I don't think many of us have a problem with the payroll, the problem is more that they won't boost payroll a bit to get that one extra needed piece, especially at trade deadline time.

John Lott tells us that Marcus Stroman calls Mark Buehrle 'dad'. Not creepy at all. Buehrle is only 35.

Buehrle's always got a close watch on me, man," Stroman said with a grin after his first start of the spring. "He's always got his eye on me, I think a little more on me more so than anyone else because I need it a little more. He's the father of the group, and I love Buehrle, man. I can't say enough good things. I can sit here and talk all day."

And here is a great picture from Jamie Campbell: