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Blue Jays Home Opener Lineup

Metal detectors armed and ready to detect your granny's new hip.
Metal detectors armed and ready to detect your granny's new hip.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The lineup John Gibbons will send out against the Rays tonight features centrefielder Dalton Pompey batting second and catcher Russell Martin, who has been struggling at the plate so far this season, batting seventh. Edwin Encarnacion will DH while Justin Smoak will play his first home game in the Rogers Centre at first.

Obviously the Blue Jays are fielding a very righty-heavy lineup against Jake Odorizzi, who had displayed reverse splits in 2014, as pointed out by Scott C. in his game preview that you should read.

Because of thunderstorms in the area (and because they have not had warm enough weather to test it), the Rogers Centre roof will remain closed today. I'd reckon that it'd be closed for most of this homestand as well.


Reporters are now starting to tweet out photos of the Rogers Centre turf. Let's compare this year's luscious, grass lookalike to last year's green carpet with coffee grinds spilled on top of it:


2014 (Minor Leaguer photo)

2014 Turf Up Close

And here is the whole field from Arden Zwelling. Note that the Blue Jays are going to the new league standard of having shorter "sides" for base coach boxes. (We all know they don't stay in there anyway, but just wanted to point it out.)

Compare the boxes to last year:

Rogers Centre Field 2014