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Bisons Lose Ugly Two Day Affair

Chad Jenkins
Chad Jenkins
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Julian Santiago is in Buffalo and will send up reports on games there.

The Bisons actually outplayed the Paw Sox on Tuesday night, unfortunately it was not by nearly enough to dig themselves out of Monday's hole, and they fell 9-6. Chad Jenkins was on the mound at the start of the contest Monday, and it was largely his contributions that led to the 8-3 deficit the Herd faced when the game was rained out in the top of the fourth inning.

Truthfully not that much should be made of the rough outing from Jenkins. Not only is it rather early in the season, but the third inning, which saw eight runs cross for the Sox was a mess for everyone. At the start of the inning the sky was blue a few harmless clouds lying around, the Bisons had an early three run lead, and Jenkins had moved swiftly through two frames. Then, within the time of maybe two at bats, an unusually strong wind brought on a disturbingly ominous layer of cumulus clouds, which in turn brought sheets of rain. Jenkins promptly lost all command of his pitches, his defense made a few sloppy errors behind him, and 8 runs were across. It would be fair to say Jenkins could not weather the storm.

The bullpen did an admirable job allowing just one run over the next 24 hours and 6.1 innings. Rob Rasmussen, Ryan Tepera, Scott Barnes, and Steve Delabar all pitched well in clean up duty. The offense, which has been a major problem for Buffalo in this young season, was able to break out both early and late in the series opener. Chris Dickerson and Andy Wilkins drove in runs spotting Jenkins a three run lead. Josh Thole did his best to bring the team back with a clutch two out, two run double in the eighth, but it was not enough.

Manager Gary Allenson was pleased with his team's response to Monday's ugly start. With just four games officially played, it is far to early to make a big deal of the offensive struggles.

The game was moving along quickly after being picked up in the fourth, until a neighborhood power problem left the stadium in the dark in the top of the sixth. This was certainly a new experience for everyone involved, and it made for an interesting finish to the game. Perhaps the biggest impact was the absence of the pitch clock, which forced the umpires to keep the count verbally, at least according the often sarcastic Allenson.

The one change that I did notice was in the press box, where all of the reporters were actually forced to watch the game rather than stay on their lap tops and what not. The lack of power and wi-fi left us all wondering what to do with the time, and with no scoreboard to keep track of things we all had to keep close tabs on the action. It must have been nice to cover games back before all of the other distractions.

The Bisons are hoping to finish the three game series today with a double header stating at 1 with Jeff Francis on the mound.