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Which Blue Jays outfield wall climbing catch was best?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

So, after last night, I have the question of whether that catch by Kevin Pillar was the best catch I've ever seen by a Blue Jays outfielder. I had really thought that the diving catch that Pillar made in Baltimore (the second of the two great diving catches he made) was going to be the catch of the year, but yesterday's was a step up on that one.

Let's have a poll, which of these three is the best catch?

It is hard to separate this catch from (a) the fact that it was the World Series and (b) the throw and triple play that followed. But then if we are judging best catch, let's try to ignore those two things.

I think Rajai deserves extra points because he's shorter than Pillar, he has to jump more to get to the same spot.

For Pillar, what really makes it great is that he had to run straight to the spot and make the jump. Davis got to the wall and had a moment to plan his jump. Kevin ran straight to the wall and jumped and managed to get the ball.

So vote on which is best.