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Updated: Jose Reyes with cracked rib, out for the weekend

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Update : The MRI shows a cracked rib and muscle strain. Reyes will sit out the weekend games,  and get reevaluated before Tuesday's game. He doesn't want to go on the DL,  but who would, so he has the weekend to show the team that he doesn't need to miss 16 days.

John Gibbons was on Baseball Central this morning and one of the things he said was that Jose Reyes has a 'small crack or fracture of a rib'. Gibby doesn't exactly have an MD and he's always been a bit vague about injuries, whether on purpose or to keep that folksy imagine that's he's worked to cultivate.

Taking Gibby's word on this is likely a mistake, but I'm guessing that he wouldn't have said 'small crack or fracture' if there wasn't one.  The Jays should get the results of a MRI, taken of Reyes yesterday, sometime this afternoon and then they will decide if it is another trip to the DL for Reyes. At best he'll be needing a few days off. I'm going to hope he's not out long.

Despite the pain he has been in, Jose has had a great start to his season, hitting .324/.350/.405 in the first 10 games of the season.

Who goes into the leadoff spot?

I'd choose Devon Travis, but I'm biased, I'm a fan. He's getting on base (.421 OBP, but even I know he won't keep that up), he seems to have a good idea of what the strike zone is, doesn't seem in awe of being in the majors and can turn on a pitch when he gets one.

My worry is that Gibby will choose Dalton Pompey or Ryan Goins (nah, he wouldn't do that would he?).Justin Smoak would be an interesting choice but, since he's not playing every day, I don't see it happening. We could move Donaldson, Bautista and Encarnacion all up a spot, but I don't see that either. Russell Martin? It might get his bat going.