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Thursday Morning Sporcle: Blue Jays season openers against the Yankees

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Quick: which team has the Blue Jays played most often in a season?

It's not the New York Yankees; it's actually the Detroit Tigers. The two teams, connected by the 401, has faced off against each other in six season openers (1978, 1981, 1992, 2004, 2007, and 2009). The next most common Opening Day opponent is actually the Kansas City Royals (1979, 1985, 1988, 1989, and 2000).

Despite being division rivals, the Blue Jays and Yankees have only faced each other twice before to start the regular season. The Yankees were in Toronto in 2003 and the Blue Jays visited New York in 2008, both ending up in a Blue Jays loss. Toronto will be looking to snap that particular streak when they play in Yankee Stadium next Monday afternoon to kickoff the 2015 season.

Today's Sporcle will be asking you to write down (well, type out) the lineup cards for the two games when the Yankees and the Blue Jays faced each other in the first game of the season. Simply click on the green PLAY button to start then begin to type players' last names and see if they appear on the lists.


The Blue Jays (as well as Tom and I) are heading up to Montreal this weekend to play the Reds in two exhibition games. Can you name the six players who have played at least one major league games for the Blue Jays, the Reds, as well as the Expos (they could have also played for other teams)? This is a very hard one.

Possibly helpful hints: two of the players are now in the Blue Jays organization as coaches, another is a National League bench coach, yet another managed in the majors last year and is now a coach in double-A.

A lot of thanks goes to Baseball-Reference for providing a place for me to search up the information for these two quizzes.

Show off your scores for both Sporcles in the comments below. When discussing possible answers be sure to black them out with the "Spoiler Text" function (click the rightmost icon between "Message" and the text box in the comments, or hit Ctrl-F when typing). All comments with an answer without the spoiler box will be hidden by a moderator.

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