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Jose Reyes returns to Blue Jays lineup to leadoff as right-handed batter

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Normally a switch-hitter, Jose Reyes will be batting from the right side only as he returns to the Blue Jays' lineup tonight when they will face right-handed pitcher Bud Norris and the Orioles. Reyes has been missing from action since being pulled after his first at bat back on April 16. Reyes has been suffering muscle soreness on his left side of his ribcage along with a cracked rib. John Gibbons suggested last week that Reyes could return batting from the right-hand side only to prevent aggravation of the injury.

Reyes has batted right-handed against a same-handed pitcher for just 27 plate appearances in his career. His 28th will come in the top of the first as he comes to bat to leadoff the inning.

Devon Travis, who sustained a left rib injury on Sunday, is not in the lineup for the Blue Jays but is still active and not on the disabled list. Ryan Goins will be the nine-hitter and at second base in place of Travis.

Also, after having had 34 consecutive starts caught by Dioner Navarro, Mark Buehrle will be throwing to Russell Martin tonight.

Update: More roster news:

Update #2: Seemed like he has been fighting through something.