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GameThread for Game 14: Orioles @ Blue Jays

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have their second series of the season against the Orioles and their second game against Bud Norris. The first game against him was a lot of fun, we scored 8 runs in 3 plus innings. I'd be ok with that. Norris has a 12.38 ERA after his first two starts this year.

Mark Buehrle gets the start for the good guys. His teammates have scored him 12 runs in each of his first 2 starts. Might as well keep doing that. He has a 3.75 ERA after two start. Russell Martin gets to catch him for the first time.

As Minor Leaguer wrote, Jose Reyes is back in the lineup. He's only going to swing right-handed for now. Devon Travis is sitting this one out, but he's not going to need to go on the DL.


Jose Reyes, SS Everth Cabrera, SS
Josh Donaldson, 3B Steve Pearce, 1B
Jose Bautista, Rf Chris Davis, DH
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Adam Jones, CF
Dioner Navarro, DH Damon Young, LF
Russell Martin, C Travis Snider, RF
Dalton Pompey, CF Manny Machado, 3B
Kevin Pillar, LF Cabel Joseph, C
Ryan Goins, 2B Ryan Flaherty, 2B
Mark Buehrle, P Bud Norris, P


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