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Jose Bautista out 'for a couple of days' with a strained shoulder

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

This is today's lineup

So Ryan Goins is in left field. Ryan Goins.

Why? Because Jose Bautista is going to miss 'a couple of days' with a shoulder strain. Couldn't tell from his last swing of the bat yesterday.  I'm hopeful that Jose won't be out long, but you never know with Blue Jays injuries. Shi Davidi tells us:

And more from Davidi....I guess a 'couple of days' might be hopeful:

Oh please don't go on the DL Jose.

I don't understand why Goins over Tolleson or Valencia, other than the O's are starting a right-handed pitcher, but I think we all know that Tolleson and Valencia are better hitters against any kind of pitcher than Goins would be.

Now, I'd much rather move Reyes to left, where he would get more rest for his injured rib and let Goins play short, where he is a much better fielder than Reyes, but moving a veteran off his position isn't an easy thing for a manager to do.

I guess there is good news, Devon Travis is back in the lineup. And batting second.

I hope Michael Saunders is ready to be activated, we need a real outfielder.