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GameThread for Game 15: Orioles @ Blue Jays

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently both teams got a stern talking to and have been told to be on their best behavior tonight. As a parent, I can tell that that never works. No one is getting any 'disciplinary actions' taken against them.

Jose Bautista is sitting for at least a couple of games and we are treated to the corner outfield bat of Ryan Goins. Ryan Goins in left reminds me of watching Johnny McDonald play left, when the Jays were in Philadelphia, a few years back. That did not go well. I was at the games and I remember the nice Phillies fan, sitting beside me, asking 'what's wrong with your left fielder?' I tried to explain that he was a very good glove a shortstop, temporarily mis-assigned the to the outfield.

Please get better quick Jose. And the same goes for you Michael Saunders.


Jose Reyes, SS Alejandro De Aza, RF
Devon Travis, 2B Jimmy Paredes, DH
Josh Donaldson, 3B Chris Davis, 1B
Edwin Encanacion, DH Adam Jones, Arbitrator of all that is right and wrong
Justin Smoak, 1B Travis Snider, Comic Relief
Russell Martin, C Manny Machado, 3B
Dalton Pompey, CF Ryan Flaherly, 2B
Kevin Pillar, Rf Calbeb Joesph, C
Ryan Goins, LF Everth Cabrera, SS
Aaron Sanchez, P Ubaldo Jimenez. P


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