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Today's lineup and some Jays notes

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

No Michael Saunders yet, maybe tomorrow. I'm still wondering who leaves to make room for Saunders? I guess Ryan Goins is the easy choice. Personally, I'd DFA Steve Tolleson, I'm not to worried about losing him on waivers. I see him as the type of player that is pretty easy to find if you need one.

Tonight R.A. Dickey has Josh Thole catching him for the first time this season. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Dickey hasn't seemed to have too much trouble working with Russell Martin.

Today's lineup, all right-handed batters, except for Josh Thole:

Josh Donaldson gets a day off from playing third base. No Jose Bautista yet. It sounds like it might be Monday before he is back. He deserves a day off after hitting this:

John Gibbons mentioned mentioned Bautista, talking on MLB Radio today:

People are going to say the ball slips, and this and that, I'm just sick of Jose Bautista getting thrown behind all the time. It's happened more than once.

After watching Yordano Ventura last night, I don't see why anyone has a problem with Bautista. When he gets angry, he plays the game. Ventura, apparently unhappy that someone hit the ball up the middle, starts a brawl. Ventura, looks like a headcase.

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