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Blue Jays Activate Michael Saunders, DFA Steve Tolleson....oh and lose to Rays

Someone could have called this.
Someone could have called this.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have activated Michael Saunders from the DL, and have give Steve Tolleson the DFA treatment. I have a feeling that, if Tolleson clears waivers, he'll opt for free agency over going to the minors, but I might be wrong. He's in DFA limbo for the next three days.

Tolleson had a tough day in LF in tonight's 12-3 loss to the Rays, not that that has anything to do with why he was DFAed, I'm sure that decision was made much earlier.

I'm happy to have Saunders with the Jays finally. Until Jose Bautista comes back and can play outfield, we need a real outfielder. And when Jose comes back, John Gibbons has some choices as to who plays and who sits. It is good to have choices.

I'm sorry to lose Tolleson, he did a good job for us, in a tough role, playing where ever Gibby choose to put him. I hope he finds a place in the majors to play.