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GameThread for Game 19: Jays @ Rays

Jeff Griffith-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's game was annoying in a lot of ways. The offense really should have been able to score more than two runs, but, Alex went into the off-season saying that improving the bullpen was the number one priority, telling us that the reason the Jays were disappointing last year was the bullpen. And then he did nothing about the pen, other than let most of the guys leave. Roberto Osuna has been amazing for a guy that hasn't pitched above A before now. Castro....well, he looks like someone that hasn't pitched above A ball..

Part of the problem is the Gibby (for good reason) doesn't really trust anyone in his bullpen (other than, it seems, Castro). So, instead of ignoring a weak seeing eye single, he pulls the guy that gives it up.

Alex really should have looked for more help for the pen.

And there is this:

Well, Gibby, stop running them out there every game. Let's see what the other guys can do. And, if I may, there is no rule that you have to use everyone in each game. Someone give up a hit, trust that he'll get the next guy.

Zaun says Gibby 'pushed all the right buttons' yesterday. I would say that he pushed too many buttons.

Today, Jose Reyes is getting a day off, not a bad idea. And Jose Bautista still isn't back in the lineup. Kevin Pillar is still in CF, with Dalton Pompey in LF.


Devon Travis, 2B Brandon Guyer, LF
Russell Martin, C Steven Souza, RF
Josh Donaldson, 3B Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
Edwin Encarnacion, DH Evan Longoria, 3B
Justin Smoak, 1B Logan Forsythe, 2B
Michael Saunders, RF James Loney, 1B
Dalton Pompey, LF Tim Beckham, DH
Kevin Pillar, CF Kevin Kiermaier, CF
Ryan Goins, SS Rene Rivera, C
Mark Buehrle, P Chris Archer, P


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