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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job John Gibbons is doing?

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We last did this back in August, Gibbons had pretty good marks: 66% Approve, 20% Neutral, 14% Do not approve.

It is kind of mean to do this right after the Rays swept us, but then we swept the Orioles just before that. My complaints are few:

  • The bullpen is a mess, I'm not sure how much of the blame falls on Gibby and how much on Alex. Alex really could have got him some better relievers. I don't know if any manager could have built a decent bullpen with the players that Gibby was given. I do think there was too much faith placed on a handful of spring innings. The biggest problem seems to be that he's having a hard time finding guys that the trusts out there. I always thought that if a manager doesn't trust a reliever, you should send him out and try someone else in the spot.  I'd like him try Estrada in a higher leverage spot.
  • The starters? He's going to have to roll with them, at least for now. He's going to have to take the long view, which doesn't seem like something he is good at, but he has to give the current five a couple of months to show if they can do the job or not.
  • I do find Gibby is impatient. I think that he's always been impatient, and I'm worried .that he's managing like a guy whose job is at stake, and he will get more impatient. I guess we'll see. The other day, pulling the Cecil and Osuna, after soft singles, seemed like a guy afraid not to make a move. Sometimes trust your players.
  • I'd like him to be a little quicker to take players out of games when they have minor injuries. Jose Reyes shouldn't have been playing 9 innings in games that were decided in 4 or 5 innings.
I think he's done a new job with putting together the lineup. I'm glad they have given up on the 8 man bullpen. I like him more with a decent bench.

Anyway, give us your vote.

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