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What to do about the Blue Jays bullpen

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game wasn't fun.

Now, being honest, expecting a bullpen to hold a 1 run lead for 3.1 innings, in Boston (or for that matter anywhere) is a kind of wishful thinking. Aaron Loup was terrific for 1.1 of those innings. But, like Gibby said he was "asking a lot out of (Castro and Osuna) and I'm not sure how fair that is". Osuna has been great. Last night he seemed a little nervous, which is understandable, first time pitching in Fenway, but he righted himself, if a little too late to hold on to the lead.

Miguel Castro came in and  looked like he was pitching scared. And again, I don't blame him. He hasn't pitched a clean inning since April 9th. It is pretty tough to be 20 and fail in front of thousands of people. I'd like Gibby to give him a few days off, and then let him have a few low leverage appearances. If he is going to be effective, he's going to have to remember how to be fearless, throwing hard, throwing strikes. Say this is my stuff, try to hit it.

The question is: what would you do about the pen if you were Alex? I think he has to do something soon to stop the players from being worried every time we get past the 6th inning.

Personally....first I'd be trying Marco Estrada in some higher leverage spots.

I'd be trying to sign Rafael Soriano. I know that he'll need at least a couple of weeks after signing to get up to pitching in the major. He had a tough second half of last season, but I'm going to try not to read too much into 25 innings.

And, of course, I'm working the phones, looking for a trade. I'm even getting to the point where Jonathan Papelbon seems like an ok idea.

I wouldn't, at least yet, be moving Aaron Sanchez to the pen. I think he showed us a few innings of what he could do as a starter last night. And I don't see anyone ready to jump into the starting rotation at the moment (though Scott Copeland and Andrew Albers have each had 4 good starts at Buffalo).

Anyway, tell us what you would do about the bullpen.