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Today Lineup and bits of baseball type stuff

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Today Devon Travis gets the leadoff spot and Dalton Pompey gets a night off, with Danny Valencia playing left. Apparently Pompey is feeling a little bit of whiplash after yesterday's diving catch.

Travis has been so good.

It's nice to have a good second baseman.

In other MLB news, the Orioles and White Sox are going to play tomorrow after with no fans allowed in the park. Insert your own Tampa Bay Rays joke here.

And, in SB Nation news, Halo Heaven made twitter an interesting place this morning. If you didn't get to read what was said before it was taken down, consider yourself lucky. As a personal thing, I'm all for being a passionate sports fan, but if you are wishing injury or death on a player, it is time to take a breath and get away from sports for awhile.

Addiction is a tough thing to understand. I know I don't understand what drives a person to drug use, but the fact that I don't understand it shouldn't lead to me wishing the worst upon someone that battles that addiction.

There are people in the world that deserve our hate. Baseball players are not on that list. If you find yourself actively hating someone, just because they disappointed you as a ball player, it might be time to reexamine your life.

If you are looking for the official SB Nation response, it is here.

And a late add:

Not a surprise.