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Today's lineup

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today we have:

  • Thole back in there to catch R.A Dickey. I guess if Thole is going to catch, every now and then, it might as well be Dickey's starts.
  • Dalton Pompey is back and he's playing left field again.
  • Kevin Pillar is batting 5th. Not exactly where I'd like him to hit, but then, I don't think there is a much better choice at the moment.

Josh Donaldson is looking pretty good:

In minor league notes, Todd Redmond has joined the Bison and will start tomorrow. And Kevin Nolin is moving up from New Hampshire. Bobby Korecky and Chris Dickerson are going on the Bisons' DL.

And it looks like it's the fans' fault that MLB games go so long. Without fan, the Orioles and White Sox game ended in 2 hours and 3 minutes. Man was it weird to watch. Orioles won 8-2 as Jeff Samardzija had a tough time of it.