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Opening day roster for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats

Here is the opening roster for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. Of course this is all subject to change at any moment.

Just a note....on the lists I was sent, A.J. Jimenez isn't listed on any of the teams. Late edit: Jimenez is on the Bisons DL. I'm figuring this was a simple error and he's on the Bisons or the Fisher Cats, I'll fix it when I know. With it being opening day, I won't be getting answers quickly, the Blue Jays have a few other things going on.

Starting Pitchers:

Matt Boyd (L) 24

Taylor Cole (R) 25

John Anderson (L) 26

Mike Lee (R) 28

Casey Lawrence (R) 27


Cory Burns (R) 27

Luis Perez (L) 30

Matt West (R) 26

Greg Burke (R) 32

Dustin Antolin (R) 25

Blake McFarland (R) 27

Daniel Barnes (R) 25

Arik Sikula (R) 26

Juan Oramas (L) 25 (presuming he clears waivers)


Jack Murphy 27

Pierce Rankin 26


KC Hobson 24

Jon Berti 25

Kevin Nolan 27

Andy Burns 24

Jake Fox 32

Jorge Flores 23

Shane Opitz 23


Dwight Smith 22

Melky Mesa 28

Matthew Newman 26

Ryan Schimpf 27


Ricky Romero 30

Derrick Chung 27