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Opening roster for the Lansing Lugnuts

The last of the opening day rosters for our full season teams. Of course changes happen quickly, but this is what the Blue Jays are planning now. Anthony Alford is on the team, but on the DL. Not sure what the injury might be, likely not serious. Guys go on the minor league DL to allow roster space quite often.

Starting Pitchers:

Chase DeJong (R) 21

Starlyn Suriel (R) 21

Chase Mallard (R) 23

Shane Dawson (L) 21

Justin Shafer (R) 22

Alonzo Gonzalez (L) 23


Pillip Kish (R) 25

Tim Mayza (L) 23

Mark Biggs (R) 22

Francisco Gracesqui (L) 23

Andrew Case (R) 22

Jose Fernandez (L) 22

Colton Turner (L) 24

Chase Wellbrock (R) 23


Dan Jansen 20

Michael De La Cruz 22


Rowdy Tellez 20

Tim Locastro 22

Richard Urena 19

Gunnar Heidt 22

Ryan McBroom 23

Dickie Thon 23

Justin Atkinson 21


Chris Carlson 24

D.J. Davis 20

Joshua Almonte 21

Thomas Collins 25


Adonys Cardona 21

Tom Robson 21

Anthony Alford 20

Jonathan Davis 23