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GameThread for Game 3: Blue Jays @ Yankees

Devon Travis has been a lot of fun to watch.
Devon Travis has been a lot of fun to watch.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

After last night's game, that we really should have won, Gibby has made a few changes to the lineup. Tolleson and Valencia get their first starts of the season, Tolleson playing his 10th career game in left field. The left fielder has to cover a lot of ground in Yankee stadium. Add in the heavily right-handed batting order the Yankees are putting out there to face Norris and the weather conditions....Tolleson has his work cut out for him.

Bautista, Donaldson and Pompey are looking for their first hit of the season. Hopefully they will all get their's in the first inning tonight.

Daniel Norris makes his second career MLB start and his second career appearance at Yankees Stadium.

For the Evil Empire, CC makes his 424th career start and his 21st against the Blue Jays. He is 15-4 with a 3.13 ERA, but he had a tough spring, giving up 9 earned runs in 10 innings of work.


Jose Reyes, SS Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Russell Martin, C Alex Rodriguez, DH
Jose Bautista, RF Carlos Beltran, RF
Edwin Encarnacion, DH Mark Teixeira, 1B
Josh Donaldson, 3B Chase, Headley, 3B
Danny Valencia, 1B Chris Young, LF
Kevin Pillar, CF JR Murphy, C
Steve Tolleson, LF Gregorio Petit, 2B
Devon Travis, 2B Didi Gregorius, SS
Daniel Norris, P CC Sabathia, P

Our bullpen did a little bit of work last night.

Yesterday: Castro 10 pitches, Cecil 16, Loup 8, and Osuna 11.

Two days ago: Off day.

Three days ago: Castro 12 and Loup 25

I'm guessing that Gibby would rather not use Loup tonight.


Yesterday: Betances 32 pitches, Martin, 17, Miller 10

Two days ago: Off Day

Three days ago: Carpenter 17, Martin 17, Rogers 3, Shreve 23, Wilson 24.

I'd imagine that Betances will get the day off, and likely Martin as well.

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