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Our old pal Juan Francisco

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Our old friend Juan Francisco, he of the fluorescent green armband and a 36.3 K% for the Blue Jays in 2014, was released by the Rays before the season after opting out of his minor league contract. He subsequently signed a contract to play for the Yomiuri Giants in the Japanese Central League.

It's early in the season but he has already made a mark with his new team, by allowing the opposition team walk off on a dropped infield fly and a subsequent brain fart (forward to 0:50 for the play):

Since the batter was immediately called out upon the infield fly, there was no longer a force at home, but Francisco forgot about this and didn't stepped on the plate instead of tagging the runner from third. Whoops!

He also has struck out 11 times in 18 plate appearances.

Baseball may be different in Japan, but Juan Francisco is still Juan Francisco.