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More on last night's game: Dickey, Smoak

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The story of the game, of course, was R.A. Dickey. At least he seems to know what the problem is:

And he's going to consult the Jedi Counsel to see if they can come up with an answer. I guess that answers why he is having so much trouble after getting to two strikes. That must be when he goes to the harder knuckleball and, if it doesn't move around, all it really is is a bad fastball (or more likely considered a changeup I guess).

There really isn't much the Jays can do. Basically they have to run him out there, at least for another 4-5 starts. It isn't like the other 4 starters have been great or that there are guys knocking on the door take over for R.A. But if he doesn't improve, in the next month, something will have to be done.

I'm wondering wonder the future holds for Justin Smoak. He's lost his position with Bautista DHing. He's getting almost no playing time, 10 PA in the last two weeks (and he hasn't reached base). And, likely showing what Gibbons thinks of him, he didn't pitch hit for Ryan Goins on Thursday and Friday, Gibby picked Goins to pinch hit over Smoak.

Now, if Gibby really liked Smoak, you would have thought that they would at least try him in the outfield. How much worse, defensively,  than Chris Colabello could he be? I see that he's never played anything but first in the minors, but still, if you are willing to try Colabello out there, wouldn't you at least have Smoak have take some fly balls out there just to see what he can do? They tried it with Edwin Encarnacion a couple of years back.

But, I wonder what the future holds for Smoak. One day, hopefully, Jose Bautista will be able to play outfield again (I am getting the feeling that won't be for at least another month). When that happens, does Smoak get his spot back or do they move Colabello to a position he can actually play, first or DH. Colabello isn't going to continue to hit like this, he says, figuring it is a pretty safe call that he isn't really a .500 hitter. But he does look very good at the plate. Unless pitchers suddenly figure out some pitch he doesn't hit, he's likely to continue to hit better than Smoak has.

Right now, if it was a choice between Colabello and Smoak, I'm pretty sure Gibby would pick Chris. I mean when he has a choice between Smoak and Goins Goins wins.

There was a bunch of injury news last night.

  • Michael Saunder is out for 4 to 6 weeks. I'm guessing closer to 6.
  • Maicer Izturis is about the start playing rehab games.
  • Jose Reyes took batting practice and all is good, he'll play a handle of rehab games and should be back by next weekend or so.
  • Dioner Navarro is still a long way from being back.