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Blue Jays Spoil Strong Start From Aaron Sanchez, Lose To Angels

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a strong effort from Aaron Sanchez, the Blue Jays were unable to win tonight's game. The young righty did not give up a walk through the first six innings, managing to hold the Angels to just one run over that span. Josh Donaldson provided the offence, hitting both a home run and RBI sacrifice fly to give the Jays the lead.

After control problems in the seventh inning, Sanchez gave up the lead. Two walks proceeded an RBI single from Chris Iannetta, tying the game for the Angels. Though Sanchez's command problems cost him in the 7th, John Gibbons decided to bring him out for the 8th inning, a decision that proved to be costly.

Sanchez gave up a leadoff single to Erik Aybar, before allowing a one-out walk to Albert Pujols. Roberto Osuna entered the game and quickly induced a ground ball to Josh Donaldson. Rather than taking the sure out at first base, Donaldson attempted to tag Erik Aybar, who was attempting to advance to third. Donaldson missed the tag and failed to get an out, loading the bases for the Angels. David Freese took advantage by hitting a sacrifice fly, which would have been the third out of the inning.

The Blue Jays managed just four hits on offence, which is never a recipe for success. Josh Donaldson led off the game with a home run, while Russell Martin had two hits. With all of the talk that the Blue Jays should acquire a pitcher, an outfielder would be nice as well. Kevin Pillar is really struggling offensively right now, while Chris Colabello seems to be better suited for first base. Having Ryan Goins in the lineup against a lefty probably did not help things either.

Though no Blue Jay had the number, the Jay of the Day goes to Aaron Sanchez (0.57). Chris Colabello gets the suckage (-1.76), after an 0 for 4 night. I will also give one to John Gibbons, as I thought Sanchez should not have been back out there for the eighth inning. After two rough innings in a row, I wish he would have just let Roberto Osuna start a clean frame.

Game three of this four game series goes tomorrow night, with Drew Hutchison taking the mound against Jered Weaver.