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Blue Jays thump Indians

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 11 Indians 4

A much nicer game today. Always good to score 5 runs against the reigning Cy Young Award winner.

Quick recap today because I'm busy barbecuing and have family over, we'll likely talk more about the game later.

I have to find video of that caught stealing by Russell Martin. That was maybe the best caught stealing I've scene. The runner had a great jump, but Russell caught the ball while popping up to make the throw.

Aaron Sanchez wasn't great, but he did alright, 5.2 innings, 4 hits, 6 walks and 5 strikeouts. A couple of the walks came in the 6th after he sat for a long time while we scored 6 runs in the top of the inning. He's looking more like a starter each time out.

Liam Hendriks played mop up man. Wrong choice Gibby....we were up by 8 and could have used Scott Copeland. Copeland did pitch a quick 9th. Hendriks shouldn't be mop up man.

On offense, the 6 runs we scored in the 6th inning put the game away for us. It went:

  • Pillar double.
  • Saunders walk.
  • Goins sac bunt.
  • Valencia reached on an error.
  • Travis walked.
  • RBI force out for Donaldson.
  • 2-run double for Bautista....Donaldson ran through Rivera's stop sign and scored easy. I'm not too upset about Rivera trying to stop him, since Josh was limping yesterday.
  • Encarnacion singled home Bautista.
  • Martin singled.
  • Pillar singled home Edwin.
  • Saunders flied out to finally end the inning.

We scored single runs in the first, fourth and ninth.

We had 14 hits. Russell Martin had 3 hits and the only home run. Bautista, Encarancion, Pillar and Saunders had 2 hits each. Donaldson was the only one in the starting lineup to go hitless.

Jays of the Day? Well, Bautista is the only one to get the number, at .118 WPA, for his 4 RBI day. I'd give honorable mention to Martin. Travis, Pillar (who made a nice catch, if not a highlight reel catch) and Ryan Goins/

No Suckage Jay.

We'll add to the recap later. Use the comments to talk about all the things I missed.