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Thursday Morning Sporcle: Blue Jays First Rounders (2000-2014)

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In honour of Jeff Hoffman's professional debut last night--a start that MjwW has recapped with much detail--this Thursday's (late) Morning Sporcle will focus on the Blue Jays' 34 first-round picks since 2000. These include not only the picks from the actual first round but also the supplementary round, which is sort of considered to be part of the first round anyway.

Remember that not all of the players who were picked actually signed with the organization and that those who did might have changed from the position they were drafted as.

You can start playing by clicking the big green "Play" button below. You can type out a players' full name, but last name only works as well. You have six minutes. Good luck. (If the embedded version doesn't work for you click here for the alternate link.)

You are welcome to show off your score in the comments below. But when discussing possible answers be sure to black them out with the "Spoiler Text" function (click the rightmost icon between "Message" and the text box in the comments, or hit Ctrl-F when typing). All comments with an answer without the spoiler box will be hidden by a moderator--let's see if this Sporcle will be the first one without a hidden comment.

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