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Question time: What one trade would you make if you were GM for the day?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's the Jays Care Broadcast Auction. Every year they have had it, I've bid on something and, generally been in the race, until the last minute, when bidding goes nuts. This year, well we'll see. The list of items up for auction came be found here.

One of the items is "Blue Jays Executive for a Day" (which, if they keep losing, will morph into a full time job).

Which leads me to today's question: If you were Alex for the day, and you could make one trade, what would it be? Give us your best idea for a trade. Make it something reasonable, I keep reading people saying 'we should trade Bautista for Cole Hamels' when, of course, the Philles are looking to shed salary and get younger, get some prospects, not pick up a 34 year old who they will have to trade away again. They are rebuilding. Make it a trade that the other team might agree to.

Anyway, your call, tell us the trade you'd make if you were GM for the day.