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Complete game shutout for Drew Hutchison, Jays beat White Sox

Wins are so much better than losses.

Whoops, was I supposed to step on that bag?
Whoops, was I supposed to step on that bag?
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox 0 Blue Jays 6

That's the Drew Hutchison we were expecting to see this season. He gets our first complete game shutout of the season. He was never really in trouble. He allowed just 4 singles, with no walks and had 8 strikeouts. We turned a couple of nice double plays behind him but  we didn't need any spectacular plays on defense. There were very few hard hit balls off Drew today, he had 9 ground outs and just 4 fly outs.

That's a 87 game score for Drew which, I'm pretty sure, must be our best game score of the season. He came in to the game with a 6.06 ERA and left with a 5.12 ERA. Maybe he can get it down under 4.50 by mid-June?

On offense we got all the scoring we'd need, and more, in the first inning. It was nice to have a game where we scored a bunch of runs early. It seems, most games, even when we score a lot, it comes in later innings. But today we scored 4 runs in the first, and kind of coasted the rest of the way.

Jose Reyes started things off with a double. Great way to start his first game back. It could have been a triple, but he missed second base and had to stop and go back. Josh Donaldson followed with a 4 pitch walk. Then Edwin Encarnacion hit what should have been a double play ball, right at Emilio Bonifacio at second, but his little toss to shortstop, Alexei Ramirez, was little bit behind Ramirez and he had to do a little spin (or maybe he just likes doing little spins) to make the throw to first. He missed touching second on the spin. They did get the out at first, so no official error, but it was nice of Emilio to try to pay us back the misplays he had in his few weeks as a Blue Jay. Chris Colabello followed that with a 2-run single And then Justin Smoak had the big hit of the game, a 3 2-run homer, his 3rd of the season. Hopefully, Bautista's shoulder will heal, soon, and we'll get to see more of Smoak.

We got another run in the 2nd, Donaldson homered. And we got our last run in the 8th, Donaldson singled, moved to second on Edwin's walk and scored on a single by Smoak.

Jays of the Day: Hutchison (.205 WPA), Colabello (.148) and Smoak (.135).

No Suckage Jays, Martin had the low mark at -.077, but he was ripped off by a couple of bad calls by the home plate umpire, and, of course, he deserves some credit for catching Drew's great game.

I must say I was getting tired of writing about losses, it gets depressing, so I enjoyed tonight's game.

A winning streak! 2 in a row! And continued good starting pitching. The Jays look smart for having Todd Redmond make that spot start. We've had good starts since then. I know, causation and correlation and all but it looks good right now.

We had 780 comments in a very happy GameThread. DangYouToHeck led us to victory, great job sir.

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