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Today's lineup

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

So we get both Jose (Joses?) (Josi?) in the lineup today.

I'm not sure we'll ever get the lineup we expected to see this season,but we are getting a little closer.

The other news is that Dioner Navarro starts a rehab assignment in Buffalo. When he's ready to come up I'm guessing that Josh Thole heads back down and Russell Martin is back as catcher for R.A.

Richard Griffin wrote about Jose Bautista's cortisone shot.

The cortisone shot he received on Sunday was as much about quality of life as it was getting back into right field, being able to play defensively, as well as swing the bat.

The pain in his shoulder was making it hard to sleep, which, of course, doesn't really help the recovery. Next Monday we start a series in Washington, against the Nationals, so Jose has work to do, if he wants to play that series.

Jose gets far more than his sure of crap from Blue Jays fans. I don't know why that is.