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Blue Jays call up Bo Schultz

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So those of you that picked Bo Schultz to take Scott Copeland's roster spot,  you were right.

The Blue Jays are looking for one more guy that can get them through a late inning in a close game. A couple of years ago, that guy was Neil Wagner. Now they are hoping it's Bo Schultz.

You might remember that Bo had a great spring training with us. He pitched 8 innings, allowed just 1 hit, had 2 walks and 2 strikeouts, but that didn't save him from going to Buffalo. There he has pitched in 21.1 innings, allowed 15 hits, 7 walks with 18 strikeouts. He has a 1.69 for the Bisons.

With the starters going later in games, there is less of a need for a long man, though I'd imagine Liam Hendriks will be moving back to that role. But the set up job has been up for grabs. Roberto Osuana seems to be the only one that John Gibbons can trust and he can't pitch everyday. Aaron Loup, Hendriks, and Ryan Tepera have all had some troubles in that set up role. So Bo gets a shot. Maybe he'll be great and we can win some close games for a change.