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Today's lineup and bits of Blue Jays news

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

So Thole is batting 6th?

Saunders is out because of the limping we noticed yesterday. Mike Wilner says he had fluid drained from his knee today.

In other news, Alex told reporters that Miguel Castro is going down to Buffalo to start, which I think is a good move. He needs innings, not one inning at a time. I'm not sure AAA is the place to put him as a starter, since he pitched in A ball last year, but I do want to see him get some innings.

Alex also said that Norris is in Buffalo to get hot, so they can call him back up, just like Marcus Stroman from last year. I'll hope that happens, but I'm not expecting him to be Stroman from last year. Alex would like it if he's only down for 2 starts.

And he said that Jose Bautista continues to be sore and that they will evaluate him at the end of the week. It will be at least a week before he's back in the outfield. I'm guessing closer to two weeks.

Here is a quote that will surprise you:

Did you noticed that that starting rotation needs to perform better? I do sort of feel sorry for Alex. We knew we were a little thin in the rotation, but no one would have guessed that all five of the starters would be lousy.

If you haven't read it yet, Jeff Sullivan has a post on FanGraphs talking about how great Devon Travis is, not that we didn't know