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Tonight's lineup: Bautista and Saunders out

Called up today and straight into the lineup.
Called up today and straight into the lineup.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I guess we know why Colabello was called up today, Jose Bautista and Michael Saunders are out of the lineup today.

I don't know if Jose aggravated his shoulder last night or what, but with out him and Saunders and Reyes, we really don't know have the offensive juggernaut that we were hoping for this season. I guess we'll find out in a bit.

Shi Davidi has a theory:

Man, I hope that's not it, if you think Bautista shouldn't be playing and that you are better with a career minor leaguer off 17 at bats, then there is a real problem with the way the Jays are doing things.