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Who's up, Who's down: Blue Jays pitchers

A look at how our pitchers have been doing the last 2 weeks. It hasn't been pretty.

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It has been a rough couple of weeks for our pitchers. They had a collective ERA of 5.79. Considering that, we should feel lucky we had a 5-8 record.

We've been moving pitchers up and down pretty much daily.


Red Down

R.A. Dickey

R.A. made 3 starts, 1 was terrible, 1 bad, but not as bad as the first, and the last  was very good, maybe the best start we've had this season, 8 innings, 3 hits, 1 earned.  In all he was 1-2 with a 5.49 ERA. Batters hit .280/.329/.493 against him. I'm hoping that his last start is a sign of things to come.

Red Down

Mark Buehrle

Mark made 2 starts, pitched a total of 10 innings and allowed 24 hits, with an 11.70 ERA, taking the loss in both. Batters hit .490/.509/.735 with 3 home runs against him. Apparently he is battling a bunch of aches and pains. If he has another terrible game today, we really should just give him two weeks off to get healthy.

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Daniel Norris

Made 2 starts, and had a 0.90 ERA in them, and got sent to the minors. It doesn't seem fair does it. In the 2 games, he pitched 10 innings, batters hit .237/.236/.289 against him.  The numbers make it seem like he was pitching better than he was, but, compared to the others, in the rotation, he was Cy Young.

Red Down

Drew Hutchison

Drew  made 3 starts, 1 of them was very good, 8 innings 4 hits, 2 earned, no walks and 7 strikeouts. The other 2 he went a total of 8.1 innings, allowed 17 hits, 6 walks and 12 earned. In all he was 1-0 with a 7.71 ERA and batters hit .323/.378/.523. And Norris got sent to the minors....

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Aaron Sanchez

Aaron had 2 starts, went 1-0. Both games he went 5.2 innings. He had a 3.97 ERA, batters hit .214/.340/.333 with 1 home run. The bad part, of course, were the 8 walks in the 11.1 innings. He seems to be making some progress.

Red Down

Miguel Castro

Pitched in 5 games, didn't have a clean inning in any of them. Had just the one outing where he didn't allow a run. In the 5 appearances he had 1 save, 1 blown save and 1 loss. Batters hit .450/.478/.700  against him, which got him sent to the minors. He's going to work as a starter in Buffalo, mostly to get him more work.

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Roberto Osuna

Roberto pitched in 3 games, Gibby seemed to want to lighten his load. He had 1 hold and 1 blown save. In 15 plate appearances, batters hit .308/.333/.385, with 1 walk and 5 strikeouts.

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Aaron Loup

Aaron pitched in 4 games. 3 of the 4 he pitched clean innings, actually one of them was a clean 1.1 innings. The other wasn't good, he gave up 3 hits, including a home run, while getting just 2 outs, both strikeouts. Being perfect 3 of 4 appearances is pretty good.

Blue Up

Brett Cecil

4 games, 2 saves, 1 loss. In his loss, he only allowed 1 hit and Gibby pulled him for Castro. It is hardly fair that he gets the loss for giving up a single. Batters hit .273/.273/.273 against him.

Red Down

Liam Hendriks

Liam's pitched in 3 game. 1 of them went terrible, giving up 3 hits, 3 earned, while just getting 1 out.  Another he was asked to get 1 out and he did. The last, he went 2.1 innings, gave up a couple of runs in a 11-4 win. Batters hit .308/.286/.385 against him.

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Marco Estrada

Marco pitched in 3 game, making the 1 start. His 2 relief appearances  went great, in those 4.1 innings, he didn't allow a hit (yeah there was  the 4 walks) and he had 3 strikeouts. His start did go well, but then, I thought Gibby left him out a bit too long. He should have been pulled before that home run in the 5th inning, not after.  In all, he was 1-1 with a 4.00 ERA. Batters hit .229/.308/.371 with 1 home run 4 walk and 6 strikeouts. Minus the home run, it was a couple of weeks.

Red Down

Jeff Francis

Jeff is the one callup that stuck beyond 1 appearance. He's pitched in 5 games (you know there is something badly wrong when you 'mop up' guy pitches 5 times in two weeks). He hasn't been great. 2 of the appearances went very badly. He was 1-1 with a 6.48 ERA. Batters hit .286/.342/.457 against him.

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Scott Copeland

Scott got called up, pitched in 2 games and was sent back down. He wasn't terrible, faced 9 hitters, allowed 2 hits, 2 walks, no runs, no strikeouts. Batters hit .222/.364/.333 against him.

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Andrew Albers

Got the call up, pitched in the 1 game, and was sent back down. He faced 11 batters, allowed 1 home run, walked 2  and struck out 1. Batters hit, .111/.273/.444.

Chad Jenkins and Steve Delabar got the call for yesterday's game and each pitched. The both did ok.