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GameThread for Game 29: Yankees @ Jays

Chris Colabello
Chris Colabello
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The roof is OPEN.

There must be something wrong with my email, I haven't had my daily roster move email. Course, you know, will our new provincial government out here, I've been told how nothing is going to work anymore.

We might see some runs today. Sabathia hasn't been great and, well, you know about Buehrle. Mark hasn't had much luck against the Yankees, but maybe this is when he turns that around.

Colabello's still up with the team and still playing LF.


Travis, 2B Ellsbury, C
Donaldson, 3B Young, LF
Bautista, DH Rodriguez, DH
Encarnacion, 1B Teixeira, 1B
Martin, C McCann, C
Pillar, CF Beltran, Rf
Colabello, LF Headley, 3B
Goins, Ss Drew, SS
Carrera, RF Pirela, 2B
Buehrle, P Sabathia, P


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