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Today's lineup and bits of Blue Jays news

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There's a few little bits of Blue Jays news:

  • Jose Reyes cracked rib has 'pretty much healed' according the latest MRI. He'll start swinging a bat today. His DL time is up next Wednesday and he could be back then or soon after. He might get a couple of rehab games in the minors.
  • Michael Saunders' knee is feeling much better after being drained and a cortisone shot, he isn't starting today but could pinch hit and he'll be starting tomorrow.
  • Jose Bautista is still a long way from being able to play outfield.
  • And the Jays won't have to worry about David Ortiz tonight, he's serving a 1-day suspension for bumping an umpire.
And we get a look at the Russell Martin bobblehead courtesy a tweet from Mike Wilner.

Here is today's lineup: