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Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin should represent the Blue Jays at the MLB All-Star Game

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We have a sponsored post. The subject is to be 'player X' should go to the All-Star game. So, my post, at first, just said Josh Donaldson. But, SB frowns on 2 word posts.

Josh is an easy one, if he isn't at the All-Star game, something is wrong. He leads AL third basemen (and NL third baseman) with a 3.2 WAR. He also leads AL 3B's in home runs, runs scored (by 15, he has 43 runs scored, Mike Moustakas has 28), RBI (39, Kyle Seager is second at 29), slugging average (.604) and wOBA (.415). He's second to Moustakas in batting average (.320 to 312) and on base percentage (.375 to .372).

Add in that his defense has been great, there is no doubt that he should be on the All-Star team.

Can you imagine how sad our season would be if Alex hadn't made that trade.

Russell Martin should also make the team. He is second to Stephen Vogt in fWAR among AL catchers (2.5 to 2.2). As well as season to him in many other offensive categories. And,of course, he's a far better defensive catcher. He leads the AL in throwing out base stealers having thrown out 18 (with just 18 steals against). Derek Norris, of the Padres also has 18 CS but has 41 successful steals against.

Beyond those two? If Jose Bautista goes on a bit of a tear, at some point between how and then, he could deserve to go, though I'm sure I'd rather he have the few days off to rest.

It would be nice if Roberto Osuna could go, but I doubt that will happen.

I'm not a big fan of the home run contest, but Donaldson would be a good choice for that too. Edwin Encarnacion and Bautista are always fun to watch hit home runs.

Is there anyone I missed? Is there a Blue Jay you think should go to the All-Star game?

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