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I'm almost fed up with the Blues: GameThread for Game 61: Marlins @ Jays

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
An afternoon game, mid week.
Aaron Sanchez gets skipped and Scott Copeland gets the start. Copeland gets the 'A' defense behind him. The offense isn't all that bad either.


Jose Reyes, SS Dee Gordon, 2B
Josh Donaldson, 3B Martin Prado, 3B
Jose Bautista, RF Giancarlo Stanton, RF
Edwin Encarnacion, DH Jeff Baker, 1B
Justin Smoak, 1B Marcell Ozuna, CF
Russell Martin, C Christain Yelich, LF
Ezequiel Carrera, LF J.T. Realmuto, C
Kevin Pillar, CF Adeiny Hechavarria, SS
Ryan Goins, 2B Ichiro Suzuki, DH
Scott Copeland, P Tom Koehler

Today's lyric comes from John Hiatt, the title of one of my favorite of his songs, "I'm almost fed up with the Blues". I can relate, but the Jays have been playing much better lately, so I'm much happier.

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