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2015 Draft Signing Table

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing what's become an annual BBB tradition, it's time to roll out the annual Signing Table. I've simply replicated the table from last year for now, though I may tinker with the way the rankings info is presented. I'm happy to entertain any suggestions on what is presented and how it's organized.

The ranking is the average of four available sources: Baseball America (top 500), Perfect Game (top 500), FanGraphs (Kiley McDaniel, top 202), and (Jon Mayo and Jim Callis, top 200). It also shows how many lists the prospect was included on, since the average will be biased upwards by non-inclusion on a list vs. being ranked too low for inclusion.

As usual, post any links to information on signings/signability and I'll do my best to add it to the table and keep it promptly updated. Thanks for everyone who adds the links that make this work.

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Name Rd Pos Class Ranking Status/Links Slot Bonus vs. Slot MiLB
Jon Harris 1s RHP JR 15 (4/4) Signed $1,944,800 $1,944,800 $0 NWL
Brady Singer 2 RHP HS 62 (4/4) Unsigned (more) $1,091,200
Justin Maese 3 RHP HS 137 (4/4) Signed $636,400 $300,000 -$336,400 GCL
Carl Wise 4 3B JR 182 (4/4) Signed $461,200 $450,000 -$11,200 APP/NWL
Jose Espada 5 RHP HS Signed (more info)
$345,300 $330,000 -$15,300 GCL
JC Cardenas 6 SS JR Signed (more info) $258,400 $250,000 -$8,400 NWL
Travis Bergen 7 LHP JR 153 (4/4) Signed $193,900 $170,000 -$23,900 NWL
Danny Young 8 LHP JR 446 (1/4) Signed $170,800 $100,000 -$70,800 NWL
Connor Panas 9 3B SR 305 (1/4) Signed (more info) $159,300 $10,000 -$149,300 NWL
Owen Spiwak 10 C J1 Signed (more info) $149,700 $100,000 -$49,700 GCL
Marrick Crouse 11 RHP HS 222 (1/4) Unsigned (more)
D.J. McKnight 12 OF J2 Signed (more info) APP
Daniel Perry 13 SS HS Unsigned
Ryan Hissey 14 C JR Signed APP/NWL
Jackson McClelland 15 RHP JR 210 (1/4) Signed (more info) NWL
Christian Williams 16 3B J2 178 (2/4) Signed (more info) N/A $200,000 +$100,000 APP
Chandler Eden 17 RHP J2 278 (2/4) Unsigned
Geno Encina 18 RHP JR Signed (more info) APP
John La Prise 19 2B JR 415 (1/4) Signed Injured
Tyler Burden 20 RHP JR Signed (more info) APP
Tayler Saucedo 21 LHP SR Signed NWL
Nicholas Sinay 22 OF JR Signed (more info) APP
Juandy Mendoza 23 SS J2 Signed GCL
Reggie Pruitt 24 CF HS 178 (4/4) Signed N/A $500,000 +$400,000 GCL
Ryan Feltner 25 RHP HS Unsigned
Gabriel Clark 26 1B JR Signed (more info) APP
Jake Thomas 27 OF SR Signed (more info) GCL
Levi Scott 28 1B SR Signed GCL
Kyle Davis 29 RHP JR 126 (1/4) Unsigned
Earl Burl III 30 CF SR Signed (more info) NWL
Josh Degraaf 31 RHP SR Signed (more info) APP/NWL
Andrew Guillotte 32 2B SR Signed APP/NWL
Kalik May 33 OF SR Signed (more info) GCL
Hunter Barnett 34 LHP JR Signed GCL
Stuart Holmes 35 LHP SR Signed (more info) APP/NWL
Lance Jones 36 CF SR Signed GCL
Randy Labaut 37 LHP HS Unsigned
Josh Reavis 38 C 5S Signed APP/NWL
Mattingly Romanin 39 IF SR Signed (more info) APP
Robert Lucido 40 C SR Signed GCL
Nate Abel FA LHP SR Signed (more info) APP
Ryan Cook FA RHP SR Signed APP/NWL
Gunnar Eastman FA RHP SR Signed GCL
Mike Estevez FA RHP SR Signed GCL
Griffin Glaude FA RHP SR Signed GCL
Nash Knight FA 3B SR Signed GCL
John Kravetz FA RHP SR Signed (more info) GCL/APP
Zach Rodgers FA RHP SR Signed APP
Total $5,411,000 $4,354,800 -$165,000
Total + 5% $5,681,550 $4,354,800 -$435,550

In addition to the above rankings, the following were included as other prospects of note beyond the Top 500 in BA's state lists: Hissey, McClelland, Williams, La Prise, Sinay, J. Thomas