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Blue Jays MLB Draft Day 3 picks

The Blue Jays 2015 day 3 draft picks:

  • 40th Round: Robert Lucido, catcher, Amherst College.
  • 39th Round: Mattingly Romanin (son of Jays PR man Mal) infielder, Chicago State University.
  • 38th Round: Josh Reavis, Catcher, Radford University.
  • 37th Round: Randy Labaut, LHP, Downey High School, California.
  • 36th Round: Lance Jones, center fielder, Southern University A&M.
  • 35th Round: Stuart Holmes, LHP, Nicholls University.
  • 34th Round: Hunter Barnelt, LHP, University of Mount Olive, North Carolina
  • 33rd Round: Kalik May, Outfielder, Mississippi Valley State Unversity.
  • 32nd Round: Andrew Guillotte, Second baseman, McNeese University.
  • 31st Round: Josh Degraaf, RHP, Taylor University.
  • 30th Round: Earl Burl III, center fielder, Alcorn State University.
  • 29th Round: Kyle Davis, RHP, University of Southern California.
  • 28th Round: Levi Scott, first baseman, University of Texas. Big guy, 6'5", 235.
  • 27th Round: Jake Thomas, outfield, Binghamton University.
  • 26th Round: Gabriel Clark, 1B, Oregon State University.
  • 25th Round: Ryan Feltner, RHP, Walsh Jesuit High School, 6'4".
  • 24th Round: Reggie Pruitt, center fielder, Kennesaw Mountain High School.
  • 23rd Round: Juandy Mendoza, shortstop, Otero Junior College.
  • 22nd Round: Nicholas Sinay, outfielder, U Buffalo.
  • 21st Round: Taylor Saucedo, LHP, Tennessee Wesleyan College, 6'5".
  • 20th Round: Tyler Burden, RHP, Chowan University, North Carolina. 6'1".
  • 19th Round: John La Prise, second baseman, Virginia.
  • 18th Round: Geno Encina, RHP, University of Incarnate Word Texas, 6'4".
  • 17th Round: Chandler Eden, RHP, Yavapai College Arizona. 6'2".
  • 16th Round: Christian Williams, third baseman, Gulf Coast Community College.
  • 15th Round: Jackson McClelland, RHP, Pepperdine University. 6'5".
  • 14th Round: Ryan Hissey, catcher, LHB, College of William and Mary Virginia.
  • 13th Round: Daniel Perry, SS, Lassen High School California. RHB, 6'2" 185.
  • 12th Round: DJ McKnight, 5'10 outfielder from Tallahassee Community College.
  • The Jays 11th round pick is Merrick Crouse, a RHP, 6'3" from Dana Hills high school in California.

Here is video: