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Blue Jays to call up Phil Coke

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Silly us, expecting a middle infielder to be called up in to take Scott Copeland's spot but the Blue Jays have decided that Phil Coke is the better choice. Personally, I'd prefer a decent middle infielder, so that we could pinch hit for Ryan Goins if there is an important moment in the game. Especially since Goins is still looking for his second hit in June.

Coke has thrown 4 innings for the Bisons, allowed 2 hits, 3 walks, with 4 strikeouts, no runs. He gives us another lefty in the pen and we have been using Aaron Loup a fair bit.

Coke has been a pretty average reliever in his time in the majors. In 8 seasons, mostly with the Tigers he has a 4.21 ERA in 399 games, 14 starts. In his career lefties have hit .245/.298/.353 against him, while right-handers are .305/.377/.448 so I'm hoping Gibby uses him strictly as a LOOGY.

He pitched 10 innings for the Cubs earlier this season, allowing 14 hits, 7 earned, 1 home run, 3 walks with 9 strikeouts.

I guess this explains why they dumped Andrew Albers from the 40-man.