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Sunday Bantering: Blue Jays news

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Some little bits of Blue Jays news: Today's lineups as we go for the sweep:

  • Barry Davis tells us that the Jays will make a decision on whether Aaron Sanchez goes on the DL or not, later today. It is sounding like 'general soreness'  is down playing whatever is going on with Sanchez.
  • On the good news side, Matt Boyd is moving up to Buffalo and will make the start there today.
  • And Dalton Pompey has 3 homers in his last 2 games in New Hampshire.
  • Boston Globe columnist, Nick Carfado, tells us that the Phillies are looking at Daniel Norris in return for the Blue Jays getting Jonathan Papelbon. I'd hate to do that. During spring we were told how Norris had past Aaron Sanchez on the team's starting pitcher depth chart and how important he was to the team. A handful of starts later, he's in Buffalo and he seems to be fading from the team's plans.
Papelbon remains on the Blue Jays' radar, with the Phillies eyeing Toronto Triple A lefthander Daniel Norris, but the same issue is coming into play, Papelbon's salary. The remainder of the $13 million for this season isn't the problem, it's the vesting option of $13 million for 2016. It vests with 55 games finished or 100 games finished between 2014 and '15, which means that entering the weekend he was only 26 games finished away from triggering the option. Barring injury, that shouldn't be a problem. He can also block deals to 17 teams, though at this point that feature to his contract is likely moot. Fact is, Papelbon is still very good. He has a 0.917 WHIP with 29 strikeouts in 24 innings. Only six walks, 16 hits, and one home run allowed. And consider this, Papelbon is one of the biggest adrenaline pitchers in the game. Not much to muster up in Philly these days.

This could be the best catch I've ever seen Jose Bautista make, straight line to the ball. And that he did it against the Red Sox just makes it that much better.