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Ryan Goins drives in 5, Blue Jays complete sweep of Red Sox

11 wins in a row!

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 10 Red Sox 5

You know things are going our way when Ryan Goins hits a 3-run home run. Especially when it is a off a lefty. Before this series, Goins had 1 hit this month, then, in 3 games in Boston, he gets 6 hits, 2 singles, 3 doubles and a home run. If you are going to save your hits for one team, the Red Sox is the right choice.

I'm really enjoying our big innings. We got 6 in the 4th inning. Three consecutive singles for Jose Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion (scoring Donaldson) started the inning. Chris Colabello had what looked like a double play ground ball to second, but Edwin made a great takeout slide at second.That got John Farrell out to argue with the ump. It looked like Farrell was trying to get tossed but the umpire wouldn't play along. If I was Farrell, I'd have wanted to leave this game too. I thought it was a good hard baseball slide.

After that we had a Russell Martin single, Danny Valencia walk, Kevin Pillar got an RBI on a popup that Dustin Pedroia lost in the sun. Unfortunately the Sox still got an out as Valencia had to hold at first base, figuring the ball would be caught, and then was forced out at second. Then we had Ryan Goins beautiful 3-run shot.

We followed the 6 run 4th with a 4 runs 5th, because 10 is a nice round number for runs. This time we waited until 2 outs to start our rally. Encarnacion walked, then Colabello popped one up to second and Pedroia lost it again, and none of the other three Sox in the area came to his rescue. Edwin did a great job of running and scoring all the way from first. Generally, on a 2-out pop up, runners go through motions of rounding the bases, but Edwin ran it hard and scored. Russell Martin followed with a double down the line to left, which Hanley Ramirez misplayed allowing Colabello to score. A pitching change later and Danny Valencia hit a 2-run homer.

Unfortunately, the Red Sox had a big inning of their own, in the bottom of the 5th. Their big inning was helped out by a ball that Jose Bautista lost in the sun. And it got worse when David Ortiz hit yet another home run against us. the game went from 10-0 to 10-5 in a hurry.

But the Jays followed that with 3 more in the 7th. Colabello singled, Martin walked, then 2 quick outs, but Ryan Goins hit what they are calling a double, I figured should be a triple to drive home 2. Goins slid hard into third and knocked over Pablo Sandoval, which seems against the laws of physics. Jose Reyes double to score Goins and we were up 13-5.

Marco Estrada was doing a pretty good job, until that 5th inning. Before then he had allowed 3 hits and 2 walks. He didn't look as sharp as his last few starts.

Ryan Tepera pitched 2 nice innings of relief, doing a good job of keeping the Red Sox from thinking they could get back into the game. Phil Coke pitched a nice quick 8th and then had to work harder in the 9th, giving up a couple of walks and a hard hit ball at Bautista, that Jose almost lost in the sun and then got a double play to end the game.

We had 16 hits on the day, everyone in the starting lineup had at least 1. Martin had 3. Reyes, Colabello, Valencia, Pillar and Goins had 2. And Goins had 5 RBI.

We had 1462 comments in the GameThreads. Great job guys. DangYouToHeck

As far as Jays of the Day, Estrada had the number (.13 WPA) but 5 earned in 5 innings (though some of that was because of the ball Bautista lost in the sun), doesn't say JoD to me. So lets give it to Goins (.11). Let's give an honorable mention to every one in starting batting order, it really was a team effort win. And give an honorable mention to Tepera for a very nice job in relief, when we needed to shut down the Sox.

If you would have told me that Bautista, Encarnacion and Donaldson wouldn't homer in a series in Fenway, I would have never guessed we would sweep.

That sweep gives us 11 wins row.

We had 1462 comments in the GameThreads. Great job guys. DangYouToHeck led us to victory, in a very close race.

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