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Mistakes cost Blue Jays, they lose to Mets

Jose Bautista sliding into third on his triple
Jose Bautista sliding into third on his triple
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Mets 3

I should have known this wasn't going to be a fun evening when I couldn't log into the site before the game. The techs got the site up and running but failed to get the Jays bats working.

We had a ton of trouble with Matt Harvey. He went 7 innings, allowed 4 hits, no walks with 6 strikeouts. The only extra base hits we managed were a Jose Bautista triple and an Edwin Encarnacion hustle double. Beyond that, we didn't hit anything hard, the other 2 hits were infield singles.

Scott Copeland, on the other hand, had a rough time. Everything he threw was hit hard. And the odd pitch that wasn't hit hard seemed to find a hole in the infield. He only made it through 4 innings, allowed 8 hits, no walks with just 1 strikeout. That he only allowed 3 runs seems a minor miracle. He didn't look anything like the pitcher that threw 7 very good innings against the Marlins last week.

On the plus side, Bo Schultz, Ryan Tepera and Roberto Osuna did a great job in relief.

We did get something going against Met reliever Carlos Torres, in the 8th inning. Ryan Goins walked. Kevin Pillar singled, then Jose Reyes singled to right. Third base coach Tim Leiper (Luis Rivera was apparently at his kids grad) stopped Goins at third, but Pillar was running with his head down and well, both he and Goins ended up at 3rd base. Leiper did the right thing. Goins would have been out by 20 feet and, with no outs, there was no reason to chance it anyway.

After Pillar was out, Bautista hit a sac fly and Edwin singled. Getting us to 3-2 with runners on 1st and 2nd, but Chris Colabello struck out and that was the inning.

That's a pretty inexcusable error by Pillar. He had to know the situation. No outs, down three, watch the guy in front of you. Down three, don't make the first out at third base.

We didn't put up a fight in the 9th. Russell Martin weak ground out. Dioner Navarro, pinch hitting for Osuna, had a very sad looking strikeout and Ryan Goins popped out to left.

Jay of the Day: Edwin had the number at .142 WPA, mostly on the strength of his single in the 8th.

Suckage: Copeland (-.199), Colabello (-.147) and Martin (-.136). Reyes had the number too (-.097) but he got 'credit' for the bad base running by Pillar. And I'm giving a special suckage award to Pillar.

After a slow start (since we couldn't log onto the site before the game) we had 720 comments in the thread. Pikachu led the way. Good job.

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