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Good start from R.A. Dickey, Jays beat Mets

R.A. Dickey wins the battle of the 40+ year old starters.

When you are as fast as Colabello, you leave a trail of smoke behind. Or maybe rubber.
When you are as fast as Colabello, you leave a trail of smoke behind. Or maybe rubber.
Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Mets 1 Blue Jays 7

Early in the game, when R.A. Dickey couldn't buy a strike call, I figured we were in for a long evening. R.A. walked 5 in the first 3 innings and just couldn't get a strike call. After walking 3 in the second (and getting out of the inning without allowing a run), he had a little talk with the plate umpire. Then, after another walk in the third inning, they had another talk. His knuckleball was fooling the umpire as much as it was fooling the Mets. Being fair, it is tough to call balls and strikes on the knuckleball, but MLB umpires should be able to do it. The hard part is to wait for the ball to cross the plate before making the call. Umpires like to get in a rhythm and it is tougher with pitches floating in.

The Mets didn't get their first hit until 2-out in the 5th and then only got 2 more hits in RA's 7.1 innings. He gave up a solo homer in the 8th, but that was his 120th, and last, pitch of the night. In total, RA allowed 3 hits, 5 walks, 1 earned, with 7 strikeouts.

Liam Hendriks threw the last 1.2 innings, without allowing a base runner. I think Gibby has forgotten that Phil Coke is in the bullpen.

On offense, we got a run in the second inning, Chris Colabello reached on an error and then scored on a Kevin Pillar single.

Then we had a 5 runs fourth:

  • We loaded the bases with consecutive 1-out singles from Russell Martin, Ezequiel Carerra and Kevin Pillar.
  • Ryan Goins hit a potential double play ground ball, but Pillar made a nice takeout slide into the bag at second. I'm not sure if the Mets could have gotten 2 but I'm glad Pillar made sure they didn't. Because they didn't turn 2, we got a run and the inning continued.
  • Jose Reyes singled home 1.
  • Josh Donaldson doubled home another.
  • And Jose Bautista hit a ground single, driving home 2 more.

We got 1 more run in the 5th on a Colabello opposite field home run.

We managed to knock Bartolo Colon out of the game early. He only made it through 4.1 innings. We raised his ERA from 4.41 to 4.81. It took a couple of innings to figure him out, but once we did, it was fun to watch.

In all we had 10 hits. 2 each for Reyes, Donaldson and Pillar. Everyone else in the starting lineup had 1 hit expect for Justin Smoak (who had a tough night, 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts) and Ryan Goins.

Jays of the Day: Dickey (.242) and Pillar (.166). I'll give Reyes an honorable mention, because he made a couple of nice catches, on line drives, early in the game, when the game was still up for grabs.

No Suckage Jays. Smoak had the low number at -.047.

We had a nice GameThread. 915 comments. DangYouToHeck led us to victory. Great job sir.

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