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That's just the way things are: GameThread for Game 69: Orioles @ Jays

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
We have a big series against the Orioles starting (well, big if any June series can be big).
I'm just back from my first run for, oh a little while, so I'm going to sit and try not to have a heart attack for the next little while. Trying to get into shape can kill a guy.
No Martin, he gets a day of rest. Everyone deserves a day of rest....I'm taking one tomorrow. So if you have been saving up a FanPost, tomorrow would be a great day for it.
And a little more news....I'm going to be in Toronto next week. Landing in Toronto Wednesday and taking a quick trip to Lansing to see the Lugnuts and then about a week in Toronto. We'll work out a meetup sometime while I'm there.


Jose Reyes, SS Manny Machado, 3B
Josh Donaldson, 3B Chris Parmelee, RF
Jose Bautista, RF Adam Jones, CF
Edwin Encarnacion, DH Chris Davis, 1B
Justin Smoak, 1B Matt Wieters, C
Chris Colabello, LF Jimmy Paredes, DH
Dioner Navarro, C J.J. Hardy, SS
Kevin Pillar, CF Ryan Flaherty, 2B
Ryan Goins, 2B David Lough, LF
Marco Estrada, P Mike Wright, P

Today's title comes from an Alejandro Escovedo called Sister Lost Soul, a song he wrote about the death of his sister. Escovedo is someone you have to see live. He fulls the stage, he just rocks. He started out as a punk rocker, but has moved over to more of a Texas roots rock, alt country style. To me it's just rock and roll.

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