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You have three options: Blue Jays send down pitchers Phil Coke, Scott Copeland, and Ryan Tepera

Phil Coke, Scott Copeland, and Ryan Tepera
Phil Coke, Scott Copeland, and Ryan Tepera
Coke and Copeland photos: Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports; Tepera photo: Dan Hamilton - USA TODAY Sports

Immediately following Sunday's heartbreaking loss to the Baltimore Orioles, in which the Toronto Blue Jays used seven of their eight relievers, it was announced that Phil Coke and Ryan Tepera, in addition to starter Scott Copeland, were optioned to the triple-A Buffalo Bisons.

All three pitchers were used on Sunday, but each had a different reason for being sent down. Copeland stunk, Coke was never used, and Tepera had pitched in back-to-back games and had options remaining.

We don't know yet who the three new bodies will join the club at Tropicana Field tomorrow, but it looks like it could be a couple of pitchers plus Devon Travis.

Travis played another full game at second base with the Bisons on Sunday afternoon--his first back-to-back game on the field since his injury--going 2-for-4 with a walk in his seventh game of rehab. Buffalo has a day off on Monday so I would assume that this would be a good time for the Blue Jays to reactivate their rookie second baseman.

Since R.A. Dickey won't have to be activated from the bereavement list until his start on Tuesday, the Blue Jays can elect to call up two relievers for Monday night's game and making another roster move afterwards.

Among 40-man roster pitchers, the ones currently serving an optional assignment and eligible for recall are Miguel Castro, Colt Hynes, Chad Jenkins, Daniel Norris, and Rob Rasmussen. Castro is injured, and Hynes pitched both Saturday and Sunday. My feeling is that the righty Jenkins and the lefty Rasmussen will get the callup tomorrow, although there is an empty 40-man spot for someone else to be called up. Any moves within the organization will likely just be a patch-up job to stabilize things and to provide fresh arms--the Jays will need to look outside for some stability, first in the starting rotation then the back of the bullpen.

The Jays have an off day on Thursday, so they won't need a roster spot for a starter to replace Copeland until Tuesday the 30th. Unfortunately, according to John Gibbons, Aaron Sanchez won't be ready to return for that start. Perhaps by that time Alex Anthopoulos would've found a way to swindle a Chase Anderson from Dave Stewart (protip for Anthopoulos: sign Joey Hamilton to a minor league contract).